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Missouri Landlord Insurance

Missouri Landlord Insurance

TripleGuard Insurance, your local independent insurance agency, can help protect you from many problems that you could encounter with Landlord insurance. However, there are a few additional policies you might want to consider. These policies can help protect against major issues that can threaten the property you own and your financial assets.


Landlord insurance provides security on your real estate investments and helps ensure that you get a return on them instead of losses and problems. Having household insurance is not enough as it does not always cover buildings and contents while they are being rented out.


Different insurance companies offer different levels of coverage. landlord insurance offers the following basic options:


Home Insurance: This option covers damage to the house and garage due to the following:

  • rain or flood

  • storm

  • explosion or fire

  • theft or attempted theft

  • mean damage

  • a falling tree or a crash

  • escape of liquid

  • earthquakes

  • lightning

  • civil disorders or riots


Contents Insurance: This option covers the contents of the house, such as the following:

  • household goods

  • furniture

  • furnishings

  • appliances


Following is a list other landlord insurance options that you may wish to purchase:

Emergency Assistance: This covers all general property emergencies. Examples are failing cooking facilities, failing electricity supplies, plumbing problems and others.

Legal Expenses Insurance: This covers professional service fees when you get into disputes. This can also cover the costs awarded against you.

Rent Guarantee Insurance: This guarantees that you receive the rent on time regardless of your tenant's personal situation or ability to pay. This type of coverage is especially beneficial to landlords who are paying mortgage on the property and who get their payments from the rentals.

Landlord's Loss of Rent: This protects you from the reduction or loss of rent due to property damage or maintenance. This insurance coverage entitles you to collect premiums from the tenants as part of the annual charges. This needs to be indicated in the contract with the tenants.


Be sure to also talk to us about Umbrella Coverage and Flood Insurance.


To learn more call us now 417-467-2814 or fill out the form and we will get back to you ASAP.

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